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I'm AJ, I've been a yoga & wellness coach for three years now, and for me personally I've found that travel and wellness are intricately linked. I'm most fufiled when I'm experiencing new places. The natural world has always healed me in ways few other things can - the colours of the sunset, the salt in the ocean, the life in mountain air. These things all help me to see clearly and to live my best life, and so it wouldn't be fair to have a business, or a site, that didn't give equal light to them both. 

I hope that within the pages of my writing or teaching you're able to find a little inspiration and find your peace.

All my love,

AJ x

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New Zealand

Prioritising Yourself

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About Me

Hey, I'm AJ. Based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

|| Writer. Yogi. Traveler. Hiker. Teacher. Ocean Lover. Sky-Gazer. Empath. Mental Health Advocate. Conscious Being. ||


|| Healing. Growing. Loving. ||


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