Private bespoke healing and manifestation sessions

Whether you're working towards a particular yoga goal...

Living the highest quality of life is something we all deserve, and it's normal for difficult emotions, past trauma and destructive habits/ thoughts to hinder our ability to do that. We all suffer in one way or another at some point, but learning practices, rituals and mindsets that empower us and add to our experience is essential to our overall wellbeing and inner peace.


Work with me and let's raise your vibration, up-level your life and genuinely allow your dreams to come to fruition.

$80 for a 1-hour session + a 15-minute pre-session consultation.

($80NZD = 53 USD/  73 AUD / 41 GBP / 45 Euro)

Healing and Meditation Session Fact Sheet - everything you need to know before you book!

Who is this coaching/guidance designed for? 

Literally anyone. 

The healing sessions open up a safe space for you to explore anything that is negatively impacting your life - whether that be emotionally, physically, sexually etc. The session is tailored entirely to work on whatever you decide to focus on.

These sessions are perfect for you if you're struggling with anything at all. Some examples may include;

reoccurring negative thoughts, anxiety, insecurities, obsessions, paranoia, OCD, relationship problems, sleep disorders, PTSD, trauma (of multiple varieties), phobias, self-esteem and self-worth issues, weight issues, eating disorders, feeling lost or stuck etc.

The manifestation sessions are designed to help you achieve and reach any goal that you have. My bespoke sessions are created based on helping you personally do the work you need to in order to align with what you're trying to manifest, create action plans and achievable steps to help you get to that place. These sessions are rooted in understanding your energetic alignment, the law of attraction, the power of manifestation and work to include a number of powerful practices that will facilitate your journey towards manifestation.

What do you get for your money? 

For your $80NZD you will receive 1-to-1 personalised sessions with me. Book a one-off session or a set and reap all the benefits of what I have to offer. 


My sessions are designed for you. There is nothing generic or transferable about them and this is how it works: 


You decide you want to do a session. We schedule a time to have a 15-minute pre-session consultation, what this time allows for is for you to communicate to me 

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