2020 July Wellness Workshop

Dedicate some time to your own growth. Allow me to guide you through a range of practices that will give you the tools you need to reflect on your life, realign, and take action to achieving your goals and dreams. Life is too short to wait. Join me halfway through 2020 to reset, re-evaluate and redirect as necessary.

With this workshop you will receive unlimited access to the one hour video and a bespoke eBook that will guide you along a number of transformative practices that will help you to deepen your awareness, consciousness and gain clarity so you can look to the future with a plan to make the most out of your life. Connect with the real you, shed of layers, mindsets & pain that is no longer serving you, step into a new phase of your life and never look back. 

This workshop is just $20 (£10) so invest in you today & reap the benefits instantly.

Quarterly Wellness Week

Either a one-time investment or a quarterly investment into your overall wellness and mental health. Even when we are thriving, it's still possible to burn out and to reconnect with feelings of 'lostness' and uncertainty. By taking time on a regular basis to come back to core practices that help us to honour who we are and what we want out of this life, we can empower ourselves and choose to love ourselves time and time again. Trust in me to guide you and support you as you choose to enhance your consciousness and manifest what you really want, rather than allowing life to pass you by. 

This connection, accountability and inspiration you'll find will help you to stay motivated, stay focused and keep on living as your best self, even when difficulties arise.

14-Day Mental Health Reset Program

I originally created this free mental health and wellbeing program to help us all cope with the new arising challenges and hardships that came with coronavirus, lockdown and all that that entailed. 

Since then, I have kept this ebook available for you to download for free and come back to anytime you need a little reset. There is nothing more important than our mental health and wellbeing and these little resources can be a wonderful tool for us to use as a reference point or place of motivation when we need it. 

Begin or deepen practices that will help you to keep yourself in check, regulate your emotions and help you to live and feel as balanced as possible.

Personal Coaching

If you're looking for coaching in any of the following areas, please reach out to me because I would LOVE nothing more than to work with you & help you figure out how to 

  • Self-love coaching

  • Self-worth coaching

  • Managing Insecurities

  • Living consciously 

  • Life alignment

  • Anxiety/Overthinking

  • Emotional abuse recovery

I would like to highlight that I am not a trained therapist or psychotherapist, but from my own experience I truly believe that the practices and coaching methods I use are incredible for incorporating into a healing and/or empowerment process. I would highly encourage you to seek out professional help from a therapist if you are really struggling, whilst also investing in your emotional and spiritual health as well. 

I'm very happy to discuss this further if you have any enquiries at all - coaching is a wonderful compliment to therapy, and also very wonderful for things like life alignment, energy healing, self love and self-worth. Only when it comes to things like anxiety, abuse recovery, depression etc. would I encourage you to try therapy in addition!

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Hey, I'm AJ.

|| Writer. Yogi. Traveler. Teacher. Ocean Lover. Sky-Gazer. Empath. Mental Health Advocate. Conscious Being. ||


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