A whole week of wellness designed just for you to find your way back to yourself

Beginning March 1

March Wellness Week is the perfect reset after the difficulties this past year has caused us to face as a collective. Feeling frustrated, uncertain, anxious, unmotivated and afraid are emotions that we've all experienced at one moment or another. 

With the ability to transition into the new month of March, take this opportunity and let me guide you back to full health, wonderful habits and begin taking steps back towards your best mindset. 


Get ready to release any build up tension or stress you may be holding in your body through 2x 1-hour yoga classes, and ease your mind back into peace with 3 10-15 minute guided meditations. 

It's time for you to invest back into yourself.

Fall in love with habits and practices that make you feel GOOD on the inside and out, and start this new month with just a touch of magic.

Everything you need to know! 

When is the wellness week? 

Beginning Monday 1 March 2021, this package lasts for the whole week. Everyday for that week part of the program will be released - whether that be a yoga class, a meditation, the recipe E-Book or a cheeky bonus I might surprise you with!

How much does the package cost?


The full price for the week wellness package is just £30 (GBP) or $55 (NZD). These prices reflect the current conversion rate.


How can I pay? 

You can pay by PayPal, bank transfer (direct to my NZ or British bank account to ensure accurate price) or via my website (above or below).

Details for direct debit transfers:

British Bank Details                                         NZ Bank Details

             Miss A J Hartley                                   Miss A J Hartley


If doing a direct debit transfer, please put your name in the reference. If I don't already have your contact details, please be sure to reach out to me in whatever way is best for you so I can add you to the Facebook group and send you any necessary content. 

What do I get in exchange for my money?


       2x LIVE 1-hour yoga flows, including 10-minute savasana meditation

       3x guided meditations - each one between 15-20 minutes long

       1x vegetarian recipe E-Book containing 3 veggie dinners to help inspire you in the kitchen

       1x gratitude and intention setting E-Book for the week

       Access to the private Facebook group and a growing community of supportive, like-minded and inspiring people 

       Constant support and guidance from me



      Discounts on your next purchase from Zenaya Yoga - classes/ workshops/ products/ sessions etc.

      FREE 30-minute wellness consultation if you recommend a friend to join you in the 'March Wellness Week'!!

When do I have to book by? 

It's better to book by Sunday 28 February to ensure you can join in with the program live, however, if you book after the program begins on Monday 1 March you will be sent all content you may have missed. 

Who is the package designed for?

ANYONE who has a desire to prioritise their peace, their health and their happiness. No need to have any prior yoga, meditation or vegetarian experience (hahaa). This package has been created with a whole lot of love and 

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