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Updated: Mar 22

A little insight to what has inspired me to begin sharing my world with you once again.

Howdy-doody, and thank you for taking time to check out my first blog post! I hope you find something here that speaks to you or inspires you in some way.

“writing has always gifted me the ability to become vulnerable in such a way that genuine connections are able to flourish in its wake.."

So for those of you who don't already know, my name's AJ and i'm 24 years old. I recently moved from London, UK to the beautiful land of New Zealand, and i've settled far too easily into a new way of life in good ol' Windy Wellington. No happiness I've felt before now compares even slightly to this.

My personal life experiences over the last eighteen months have been pivotal in the way my relationship with myself has developed and transformed, which, unsurprisingly, has directly correlated with the 'status' of my mental health and overall well being (two things of which I am incredibly passionate about).

A lot has changed in my life over that period of time and as a result I have witnessed myself beginning to blossom into the very best version of myself with each day that passes in this newfound life of mine. The changes I have made as a person have been monumental, and whilst these have been deeply rooted in the work and energy I've invested into myself, I've also come to face the undeniable truth that my external environment and life situations have been pivotal in enabling and fuelling such change, as well. Whilst these beautiful transformations have been evolving in both the back and foreground of my life, I've left a lot of emotions whirring within myself; feeling them build in momentum over the past six months or so. After having some really empowering conversations with a range of gorgeous souls in recent times, I've come to the realisation that it is time for me to re-open the space from which I am able to share and speak raw-ly about important issues that I feel deserve attention.

I have always thrived the most when I connect with people and express myself freely, and writing has always gifted me the ability to become vulnerable in such a way that genuine connections are able to flourish in its wake, and for that, I am eternally grateful. And so my decision to begin sharing the inner workings of my mind, and both the struggles and the beauty of my past and current experiences have emerged at this time for two very important reasons; the first one being that I feel an innate desire to contribute and to make a difference in this life, and if sharing my experiences can ease someone else's hardship, shed light on things many are afraid to talk about or even just help someone to feel less alone, then I am fulfilling the part of me that needs to spread awareness, compassion and love. And the second reason is rooted deeply in the therapeutic benefits to my own journey towards self-healing, and ultimately self-love, that such self-expression and openness cultivates in my heart and soul.

Diving Timing is the explanation for why I have chosen this moment to begin it all again. After taking over three years to find enough courage to walk away from what I still struggle at times to accept was a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship, I chose to up and move half a world away to begin again. Then, embracing my healing journey and the new-found alignment I was thriving in, a time when the LAST thing I wanted was a relationship, I walked into a bar and found myself saying hello to the soul I know I've been waiting my whole life to find. Learning to then navigate the unknown realms of what it means to exist in a healthy and supportive and beautiful relationship, and therefore the maze of reprogramming my mind to accept the love I deserve, has been an empowering and eye-opening experience that continues to challenge me often. But time has done the job of settling my soul enough that my heart is open, overflowing with all the wonderful flowers from the seeds I planted long ago that have only now found the sunshine they desperately needed all along to grow (gLow).

So, please join me. Take my hand and know you have a friend in me now. And I hope if you read more of what I begin to share with you, we can grow in consciousness and courage as one, and ensure that none of us fail to value ourselves and our worth again. I hope you embrace all the magic that exists in simply being alive today, and I'll see you soon

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