How do you appreciate the different phases of your life?

Updated: Mar 22

As we traverse through this confusing and wonderful experience called life, we realise that different phases come to fruition at different points, sometimes when we're not expecting them, sometimes when we are. But the key is we need to learn to always to stay rooted in our own appreciation for exactly the point of life that we're at in any given moment.

Some phases of our life test us in more ways than one, we learn to build resilience and strength, we learn more and more about who we are and what we want. Other phases are there for us to reap and enjoy the benefits of those darker periods and the work we've put in, a gentle reminder that things aren't all bad and everything changes.

A really important lesson that I find myself coming back to at the moment is just learning to accept where I am. We can't skip phases, we can't move to the next stage of life if we don't learn and embrace exactly where we are in this moment. Every part of life strings together to help us to travel along at exactly the right pace that suits our being.

It's really difficult sometimes to step away from our immediate experiences and feel grateful for what phase of our journey we're in barbecue sometimes the weight of our current reality can feel immense and that can block our ability to appreciate it for what it is. But as we make the decisions to stay conscious and rooted in all the wonderful things this period has to offer, we allow ourselves to progress by leaps and bounds towards perhaps a better or more calm state of being in the future.

I've been thinking a lot about phases of life recently because I'm currently failing to appreciate this phase of life for all that it is. The large portion of my mindset is consumed with everything I dislike and don't want about my current reality; i'm so focused on thinking thoughts and feeling feelings that only bring me down or make me feel bad.

I'm working in an office in a job that is.. fine, but it definitely doesn't set my heart on fire or inspire me in anyway. In exchange for working this job, I lose some of the more precious things to me - like the freedom to plan my day as I would choose, creating and immersing myself in a beautiful morning routine, practicing regularly, having more time with my lover and time to spend outdoors.

And the more I think about it, the more down I get.

And I give so much power to this unhappiness for my current phase of life that I fail to recognise and appreciate all the beauty that it entails. There are a few very important facts that also make up this current phase that are very important for me to focus on:

  1. I am choosing this reality. I choose this life because my partner and I have decided to start saving for a house. Therefore, I need to be earning a decent wage to support our savings plan (which is very rigorous as i'm a very impatient person teehee), and I also need to be in a stable job like this in order to get a mortgage loan. I don't have 3-years on the books of my yoga+wellness business, and even if I did, it probably wouldn't enable me to borrow as much as I want to be able to.

  2. I am never powerless. There are still SO many ways that I can design my life around the core working day. I'm lucky that flexibility is a big thing in my Commission, and I currently work 8-4pm. If I wanted to, I could switch that around and probably push it out to later times, giving my morning back. But I don't want that. If anything, i'd rather come in earlier and work more like 7/7:30-3/3:30pm. Even though the morning is when I thrive the most, I've always been the kind of person who wants to get up and get the bullshit part of my day over with so the time I have after that is mine. I still have very long evenings that are mine to create - whether that be teaching or getting outside or writing or whatever. I need to be more conscious of the time I do still have available to me, and enjoy the fact that I am never powerless in my own life.

  3. I will look back and feel so warm about this phase of my life. This is a phase in my relationship that I know Sam & I will look back on and be able to smile about. We both worked damn hard and sacrificed a lot in the name of our relationship. We chose to invest the time we had to earning and saving money, to living a 'broke life' so that we can reach our shared goal quicker. We're grinding, we're saving, we're making the most of our time together. And someday soon we'll be opening the front door to the home we've worked so hard to buy and we'll be overwhelmed with pride, gratitude and everything that it's taken to get to that point. Our relationship is our priority and one of the reasons we're so keen on saving so hard is that as soon as we own our own house, we get to leave this phase of our life behind and begin taking action to ensure we never have to settle or sacrifice in what we do for a living or the way in which we spend our time together.

This phase of my life is one of hard-work and focus. I'm elevating myself further to a future goal that will enable my life to look a lot different. We're working hard, and I know that me staying in a job I don't really love is just a means to an end. It's a phase that I need to travel through and hopefully learn some other important lessons, such as resilience and strength and perseverance because life doesn't just happen for you. You have to make it happen. You have to be in charge of the steering wheel and navigate yourself towards your goals because nobody else is going to do that for you.

We always look back on the phases of our life with a sense of gratitude for what they taught us or enriched us with. And more often than not, you may feel the same, I look back and wish that i'd been more present, that i'd enjoyed that phase more and not wished for the next one to come. We get so caught up in the things we don't yet have, the goals we haven't yet achieved, and fail to realise that so much of the beauty is in our journeying towards those goals. We find ourselves, and we learn such a multitude of things when we're embarking along a certain path.

So I guess my intention for the next wee while will simply to be to stay present. This is a slightly difficult phase because I know i'm not where I want to be. But it's a phase of transformation and of grit, and it's the phase that is essential to me getting to where I want to go. Without it, I never would.

So I hope you can think about that today. Take some time to consider where you are in your life. What is it that you're working towards? What is it that you're unhappy with?

If you're able to pinpoint exactly which areas you 'wish could be different,' you're giving yourself a fighting chance at not wasting your life. Life is never a waste, no matter how you spend your time or what you do.

And it's always so funny to me how as we progress forward and enter more beautiful and empowered states of being, we lose sight of all the past phases we've been through and all the pain the past may have entailed. We are ever-evolving and always growing, and so chances are, where you are now holds much greater happiness and alignment than perhaps some previous phases you survived. So try not to lose sight of how far you've come and how beautiful your personal evolution has been too. Even if things aren't perfect, remind yourself of all the beauty that surrounds you. All the strength and magic that lives within you and is sprinkled throughout your life.

Our lives really are here for us to design, so I hope my prompts below will give you some inspiration to how you can begin to shift your mindset and really embrace exactly where you are.

Own where you are. Embrace this moment. Learn what you need to. And work hard for your future.

Each phase is essential to our journeys. Make sure you stay rooted to your purpose.

Head over to my Instagram & Facebook where i'll be doing a live talk on these journal prompts this evening - NZ time - at 6:30pm! Ask any questions you'd like to, get advice and guidance of whatever it is you're in need of today, or simply tune in and experience other peoples' perspectives and realities.

Sending a lot of love to all. Keep fighting to improve your life for yourself!

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