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Updated: Mar 22

I'm not sure why it's taken me 10 months of living in this marvellous city to finally walk Mount Vic (Mount being used very lightly). Sam has been asking me to walk to Mt Vic with him since lockdown & I've just kept refusing - don't ask me why, maybe I was just being stubborn mixed with an ounce of lazy?

Anywhos, last Sunday was gorgeous, it's finally starting to feel like Spring - sooo good - so we decided to walk Mt Vic, and I'm SO GLAD we did.

Anywhos. Last Sunday was gorgeous in Wellington, it's finally starting to feel like spring - sooo good - so Sam & I decided to walk Mt Vic, and it was bloody beautiful!

We drove round to Oriental Bay and parked outside Sam's old house - which brought back a lot of lovely memories for us as that was where he was living when we first met & where the first few months of our relationship were spent.

We headed up the stairs to the start of the trails. And this is one of my favourite thing about this city - there are random staircases with rustic white staircases dotted all over the place, and I just think it's the cutest thing.

So we began our walk. Mount Vic is a very small 'mountain' measuring just 196m above sea level - we call it a big hill, not a mountain. There are a lot of different trails and walks you can take to reach the lookout, but we chose to start from Oriental Bay & make it slightly longer - and even then it took less than 20 minutes to get to the top.

It was a lovely walk, ambling along a pathway before crossing a park where we met our new favourite dog. We moved into the pine forest & meandered through the trees taking us up to the lookout.

I've been to the lookout more times than I can count, but i've always driven and never spent too much time there. So it was nice to simply sit and enjoy the view.

Sam & I sat down for about 15-20 minutes in front of the lookout viewing platform getting our bums dirty and soaking up the peace that comes with looking down on your world. There is so much power to be found in seeking out stillness everytime you can, especially when that stillness facilitates healing.

Being above the city we live in, above jobs that makes us feel little and stresses that threaten to overwhelm us, being high above the ground and looking out at the magic spread before you, all your problems disappear. Things feel manageable. You are reminded of how beautiful life is, and what it's really all about.

We sat and talked for ages at the top of that hill. Breathing in each moment, and finding peace once more. Sam shared his feelings and we talked about what the next few months might look like for us. We talked about our goals and our happiness; and how grateful we are to be here, with each other.

Sam & I have always found great connection when we're sat at the top of summits - and whilst we hardly accomplished much walking up Mt Vic, what we did achieve was a sense of ourselves and our relationship. It's hard not getting to see each other very much, and we savour the time that we do get to share experience and moments. So this was a special time for me.

Both of us sat looking down on our world, his arm around my shoulders and the sparkle of the ocean reminding us that we can do anything we want to. This life is ours to create - and there is no limit to what we can achieve.

There is magic spread throughout your life. Maybe it's in the eyes of your lover or the stillness of his breath. Maybe when you open your curtains each morning your eyes find the same spot. Perhaps when you travel through your days your mind wanders to all the reasons you have to be grateful, and to remind yourself that no matter what emotions have risen to the surface recently, they are not here to stay.

We can choose to change our life every single day.

Decide what it is you want, and go after it. And trust that the people in your life are there for a reason & will support you no matter what

Trying to spot our house down in Lyall Bay from the lookout.

Life is a beautiful journey, some days will be difficult, some will be easy - but there will be beauty in both.

I'm grateful for this guy for always being my rock. Last Sunday was a beautiful way for us to get out of our heads & back into our hearts. It always amazes me the power of the Earth, no matter how many times I feel her healing me.

We went on to walk back down the hill before meeting up with some friends for drinks.

All in all, it was a beautiful day. And I suppose the purpose of this post is to just get outside. To live in the real world for a while & lap up the beauty that you'll find along the way.

Life is there to be lived. Don't take a second for granted. Feel the sun kiss your cheeks; hold your lovers close. Keep your minds open & your perspectives true. The world is waiting for you.


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