Our first weekend in L O C K D O W N

Updated: Mar 22

It's Sunday waaheeyy - mine (and everyone else's) favourite day of the week! I'm currently snuggled on the sofa, drinking a gin & lemonade, people watching through the balcony doors & entertaining the inspiration to write.

Whilst lockdown in New Zealand didn't officially come into play until Wednesday of last week, Sam's restaurant had closed its doors and I was working from home as of the Monday. So for us, our week anniversary of being stuck at home began a week ago tomorrow & we've done pretty good I must say - my handful of frustration-fuelled tantrums aside!

Our first weekend in lockdown was a very different experience for me than the week was. Whilst I appreciate that I'm in a very lucky position to be able to have not only kept my job during this time, but also actually be able to work from home, I found it challenging at times that I had to be sat glued to my laptop/ phone, while Sam had the freedom to structure his day as he pleased. Such a privileged complaint, I know, and so i've been working hard at reframing my thoughts and feelings on it all, whilst also giving myself a break and appreciating that everything I (and we as a collective) are currently experiencing is all new, and with that newness comes a whole heap of challenges that we're all still figuring out how to navigate.

The last two days in Wellington it has done nothing but torrentially rain (just for the weekend, of course), which has really helped kill the temptation to not stay at home - especially, I imagine, for all those out there with young children (all the energy that comes with them), the rain provides a believable scapegoat for staying cosied up inside.

Yesterday was a very slow, lazy, rainy day filled with lots of food, cuddles and movie-watching. There was nothing to do, no stress, no plans at all. And after a week of feeling a bit trapped in how I was able to spend my time, Saturday was a welcome expanse of time that offered me the chance to fully switch off and revel in the novelty of doing nothing.

That brings me on to why I think my first weekend in lockdown was so great. Not only did I enjoy my weekend so much more than I normally do at the end of a work-week, but I got to spend it with my favourite person. Whilst there will of course be little ripples that come with being with someone for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 4 weeks.. I just can't stop counting my blessings that, out of everyone in the world, I get to be house-bound with him.

Part of my appreciation for being on lockdown with him is very much rooted in the awareness of how different this situation could have been for me, should lockdown have ever been called into action before I moved to New Zealand. I would have been trapped in a toxic relationship that, given the environment of neither one of us being allowed to leave, would have had the potential to escalate very quickly from toxic arguments into very detrimental, dangerous situations. As a result of that, I think i'm able to appreciate just how fucking lucky I am to have not only found my person, but to be able to live through this madness with him. Even just two months ago, less dramatic than the first comparison I admit, but even then, I was room-hopping around Wellington, with no stable base and certainly no home comforts or feeling. And nooowww, as lockdown strikes, I live in a beautiful apartment that my partner & I furnished together from scratch, with ocean views from each window, and a life built on a whole lot of love & affection. Days like today remind me how important it is to stay genuinely rooted in gratitude so that our blessings don't fall through the cracks during this time, especially when I think about all those women, children & men who are trapped in detrimental situations that may put them in harms way...

Today, we organised the house - a common task many of us have taken to during this first week of lockdown. It's taken us a month of living together to finally decide what we were going to do with our spare room. Our conclusion?

A technology-free-snug-room.

Unfortunately due to the shops all being shut, we weren't able to put up any shelves to create the library we want, but - all in good time. So for now, we've lined our books up on the window sill and created a little room entirely for the purpose of winding down, grounding our energy and reconnecting with the stillness essential to living a good quality of life. So it's safe to say, we're happy.

After that, we finally created space for me to have my very own yoga area in our homeeee, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

How gorgeous is it?!

Just before lockdown came into effect, Sam came home from the shops with the painting as a lil prezzie for me and I'm utterly IN LOVE. If you know me in real life, you will undoubtedly know that ephelants are my absolute FAVOURITE animals in the world, and this photo is beyond gorgeous - plus, it matches my yoga mat & flower ha!

It feels amazing to have my own space again to retreat to when I need it. A space that has room for all the things I want to surround myself with as I practice, and an unrivalled view of the ocean & the sky so in those times when I am feeling most frustrated/ anxious, I can reconnect with the vast expanse of all that this natural world has to offer from the very comfort of our bedroom..

The evening has arrived on our Sunday night here in NZ, and it's time now for me to sign off & enjoy my first EVER vegetarian roast dinner.. I've never been cooked a roast before by anyone other than my mumma, so my heart is on overdrive with overwhelming amounts of gratitude and pure love. I don't know what I did to deserve this guy, but Lord knows I will cherish him forever.

So there you go. An insight into my first weekend on lockdown!

Keep reminding yourself to focus on all the reasons you have to feel grateful during your first weekend of lockdown, especially as we all move into week 2. You create your life. What you think, you attract. What you focus on, you amplify. Regardless of your situation, keep doing things for you, and keep on counting your blessings.

Happy SUNDAY my friends. Stay safe. Stay home. Find the joys in each day and don't forget that we're all in this together.

Just to cheer you up as well, i'm sure you'll be thrilleeeedd to hear that I will be releasing a 7 day 'Flow in isolation' yoga program where I will release a 30-minute yoga flow each day on both my facebook & youtube channels for you to flow along to as we throw ourselves into our first full week in isolation.

Lots of love x

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